Company Bios

Kevin McCarthy, President
Peter Alex Maestri, Vice President
Kathryn McCarthy, Director of Business Development
Michael Maestri, Director of Marketing & Sales

Kevin McCarthy

A native of Chicago, Kevin McCarthy was a teenager when he began helping his Uncle Peter (Maestri) sharpen knives in Spring Green, Wisconsin. When he was twenty-one, Kevin moved to Spring Green and spent the next two years living with the Maestri family, while honing his grinding skills and learning the business.

In 1985, Kevin started his own knife sharpening and delivery business in Berkeley, where has lived since the early 1970s. For the next three years, Kevin operated his service out of a truck modeled after the one his grandfather had used for the original Maestri Brothers more then fifty years earlier in Chicago.

Kevin dreamed of expanding his small business, but at age 22 and without ample resources, he decided instead to go back to school. He obtained his contractor’s license and became an electrical contractor. He has owned and operated McCarthy Electric since 1992.

Throughout the 1990s and into the next decade, Kevin watched and admired his uncle and later his younger cousins Peter Alex and Michael Maestri, who took their father’s business to the next level, expanding their business throughout the mid-west. Fulfilling a lifelong dream together, Kevin and Kathryn McCarthy, along with Peter Alex and Michael Maestri, founded Bay Edge Cutlery Service in Berkeley in October 2009.

PeterPeter Alex Maestri
Vice President

The eldest son of Peter Allen Maestri, who founded Carisolo Inc, Peter Alex Maestri was helping his dad in the shop by age ten. By age 15, he had ground his first knife. I worked pretty much everyday after school, he remembers.

Peter served in the military for a year at 18, then moved on to the Reserves a year later, followed by two years of college in Madison. During that time, he worked for two years as Special Events Coordinator for Pepsico.

In 2003, Peter rejoined Carisolo, Inc. and has served as Vice President of Operations ever since. As the Vice President of Bay Edge, Peter oversees many of the West Coast operations from his office in Spring Green, WI, interspersed by quarterly visits to the Bay Area.

Kathryn Sparks McCarthy
Director of Business Development

Kathryn Sparks grew up in Kensington and Berkeley. After earning her BA from the University of Oregon, Kathryn worked in the nonprofit sector for nearly twenty years.

Kathryn and Kevin were married in 1992, and have two sons, Spencer and Lewis. In 2007, Kathryn joined Kevin’s company, McCarthy Electric, which the couple ran together before launching Bay Edge in 2009.

As Director of Business Development: I do pretty much everything except grind the knives. Marketing Bay Edge comes very naturally to me. Promoting a business so close to my heart is very similar to raising funds for a nonprofit organization. The best part is going into so many great restaurants, talking with chefs and educating them about how our business model is different.

Kathryn is committed to creating, maintaining and promoting a sustainable business model, from installing recycled sound proofing in the walls of their shop and solar panels on the roof to promoting the sustainable practice of reusing knives through resharpening while reducing landfill waste.

Michael MaestriMikey
Director of Marketing & Sales

Like his older brother, Michael began working in his father’s shop at a very early age. I think I was four when I was in there wiping knives. Soon enough he was out on delivery routes. I’m not sure how much help I was, he says with a grin.

Michael’s sales career began while he was a student in Milwaukee. Following his studies there, Michael spent one semester at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Earning his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Michael finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Throughout his collegiate career he worked part-time whenever he could. In particular, he led Carisolo Inc.’s expansion in the Milwaukee area.

What Michael likes most about his work is meeting and talking to people. He adds: The restaurant business attracts the most interesting personalities. As Director of Sales & Marketing for Bay Edge, Michael has been instrumental in establishing customers in the Bay Area.

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