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Top-Notch Service

The best knife is the one with the best service is as true today as it was when Pete Maestri said it more than fifty years ago. Our reputation rests upon our sharpening method rather than a specific brand of knife, but we also provide a wide range of the finest quality knives available.

Work More Efficiently

Focus more upon food preparation and presentation by always having optimally sharpened knives within reach.

Reduce Injuries Caused by Dull Cutlery

The sharpest knife is also the safest knife. Professionally maintained cutlery is safer than sharpening in-house or working with dull knives.

No Upfront Cost

We provide the knives and blades without any upfront cost to our customer.

Economical Investment

Pay only for the service of keeping knives sharp. Reduce your knife budget as you will never need to purchase or replace another knife.


Dedicated to sustainable business practices, Bay Edge’s mission promotes reuse and prolonged use through resurfacing. Together with our customers, we work to reduce product waste and our overall impact upon the environment.

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