Who We Are

Bay Edge is a cutlery service for food industry professionals in the Bay Area. We provide, sharpen and rotate two identical sets of knives weekly, biweekly or as each customer requires. We cater primarily to professional chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, grocers and meat cutters.

We offer a full line of knives, providing you the opportunity to experience what a premier cutlery service can do with the convenience of a local operation. We sharpen your personal and collector knives, which we also sell at reduced rates to our customers.

Bay Edge follows the Northern Italian artisan tradition of free-hand grinding to acquire a hand-shaped edge. Master grinders use the water cooled stand-up grinding wheel to bevel the edge, prevents overheating while ensuring proper maintenance of the blade’s temper. Overheating blades causes corrosion and decarbonization (softening of the steel structure).

We move on to a buffer to further shape and smooth the bevel, and finally a honing machine which leaves every piece with a factory edge equivalent to any other brand new edge on the market.

Every step in this process is essential in creating the finest precision edge. One major advantage to our hand-shaped edge is that in contrast to other products on the market, it responds exceptionally well to periodic steeling.

We happily give personal instruction to our customers on edge maintenance with a honing steel as well as provide the steels at no extra cost. Learn about performing edge maintenance using a steel and the types of honing steels.